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Cars Around The World

Author: H.Floyd "Buck"Vanderford
Published: 2013
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Cars Around the World

Cars Around the World
In my new book about cars, I have attempted to write about cars that have been in my family, and there are a number of them.  I included some research about each car and attempted to tell a story about that particular car. 

Also, I have been told that every automobile has a story to tell so I have told a few of them with each vehicle in the book.  Included, along with a description, is a photo of each car.  Most people are interested in cars so maybe you will find one or more of them that have been in your family at one time or another.  I have come across a wide variety of cars while writing this book and I never believed that each one could be so different.

I hope you read and enjoy my book, “Cars Around the World”. In it, I have tried to include as much research and photos from memory, family members and friends.

H. Floyd “Buck” Vanderford