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At the Foot of Old Jagged

These are true stories (with a smidgen of fabrication) from airmen who put a year of their lives on hold to serve a tour in an unforgiving, frozen, tundra laden, treeless and forsaken remote part of Alaska.

Each of these stories are in their own words with a minimum of editing compiled into the book.

At the Foot of Old Jagged

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Buck - At Home in Alvin, TX
As always, I would like to thank all of you that have purchased my publications and have been so supportive and so kind in the past. It’s your support that keeps me going and writing these little tidbits of information that I have gathered in my mind for many years.

I have recently released a new book titled “The Dreamer”. It is about a little boy with big dreams. This little boy was always playing baseball and when he wasn’t playing he was always dreaming; daydreams in the day and more dreams when he was sleeping. His name is “Foggy” because he seemed to forever be in a daydream and it was like walking around in a Fog. Foggy had a desire to play professional baseball when he grew up and played with vigor all of the time. He told everyone he would be a Major Leaguer, a manager and a general manager and when he reached those goals he would eventually own a “big league” team. The folks who knew him also knew he meant every word and that he would be successful in many of the things he set his mind on. My new book “The Dreamer” is now available for sale.

My previous book titled “At the Foot of Old Jagged” is a companion to my previous book “The Cape”. This book is a compilation of a series of true stories (with a smidgen of fabrication) from airmen who put a year of their lives on hold to serve a tour in an unforgiving, frozen, tundra laden, treeless and forsaken remote part of Alaska. Each of these stories are in their own words with a minimum of editing. The photos in “At the foot of Old Jagged” were contributed by these or other airmen. There are new stories and some stories are repeated from “The Cape” and some stories have a few changes. These stories are as they remember them.

My book titled “The Cape” is about the trials and tribulations of a group of Airmen who served a one year tour of duty at a remote site in Alaska. It is a collection of stories in their own words compiled into the book. For those who read this book, I believe you will gain some insight into the rigors of isolation that goes with a one year tour of duty at an isolated Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron site. These stories were collected from 27 former Airmen and they give their own spin as to how their tour affected them. My book, “The Cape” is now available for sale.

Another one of my books, “The Adventures of Bucky Vee”, is still available for purchase. In this book, I have taken a little departure from my past writings of poems and short stories. This is my first book for children. It is a short story about a little boy, Bucky Vee, growing up in South Carolina. Bucky is one in a large family of nine, Mom, Dad with three brothers and three sisters, This is a short children’s book complete with illustrations and photos to be read to a small child as he or she follows along looking at the images until they can begin to read for themselves. I hope you read my new book to the kids in your family and let me know what they think about it.

My first eBook, !Viva! Stringbean, which was published on as a Kindle eBook is very reasonably priced and available for immediate download. Here is a quick link to take you right to the page on Please let me know if you like the electronic version for the Kindle. I’m thinking that a few of my other printed publications might also go this way in the future.

The Saga of Stringbean
One of my previous publications is a book titled “The Saga of Stringbean”. Stringbean is a tall, skinny, lanky, straight laced loner, somewhere in the “Wild West”, probably in the 1800’s. The Saga of Stringbean was born from a poem that I had previously written. Subsequent writings were meant to be stand-alone poems that were written as a series and patterned after the old serials of motion pictures from the 1940’s and 1950’s. These poems have been put together in this book as a continuous reading that can be laid aside and picked up later without loss of continuity. It is intended to be a series of short stories presented in poetry format.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m H. Floyd "Buck" Vanderford, but most of my life-long friends know me as plain old Buck.  After 22 years in the US Air Force, I retired and live in Alvin Texas where I spend most of my time enjoying baseball and writing.

Next to baseball, writing is one of my favorite pastimes and is also a fine means of therapy. Up to now I have produced three books of poetry as well as a memoir, a novel, a book of short stories, a family history and two books about my mother and father.

Spend some time looking through my web site. Most of my publications are still in print and readily available, so if you see something you like, please email me and I’ll get back to you right away.

Thanks for Visiting and Warmest Regards,

H. Floyd “Buck” Vanderford