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!Viva! Stringbean

Author: H.Floyd "Buck"Vanderford
Published: 2008
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!Viva! Stringbean

!Viva! Stringbean
Stringbean is a fictional character. But, in reality, he does exist in the minds and characters depicted in many faces and places in my book, !Viva! Stringbean.

Most of us at one time or another, have dreamed or imagined what life may have been like back in the “Old West”. We sometimes pretend to act out what we have read or have seen on the movie screen.

This book depicts one of those scenes as portrayed by the Vandy Family. Clloyd Vandy, aka Stringbean, is an honest, self-reliant cowboy with an itch at an early age to venture out into the West to see for himself just what made that time in life so intriguing.

Stringbean was no different than most young men of Western Lore in that he thought he was missing something by not venturing out and exploring it in his own way. As life turned out for this skinny cowboy, it was altogether different than his imagination had led him to believe.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did while putting my imagination down on the pages of “!Viva! Stringbean”.