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Twisting The Tales

Author: H.Floyd "Buck"Vanderford
Published: 2010
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Twisting The Tales

As I saw tale after tale coming across my email inbox, I came to the conclusion that some of these should be put into printed form.

In my book, Twisting The Tales, I’ve decided to compile some of the emails that have really caught my eye over time. As you read, one can see that I have taken some liberties with reality and added some tales of my own of which I have created and sent out to family and friends over the years.

Those tales borrowed from my inbox did not list an author, therefore, proper credit cannot be given. It is hoped that you will enjoy this attempt at humor with the enthusiasm that I had in putting them into this compilation.

Please check out “Twisting The Tales”, Twisted tales from the twisted mind of H. Floyd “Buck” Vanderford (and others).