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At the Foot of Old Jagged

Author: H.Floyd "Buck"Vanderford
Published: 2015
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At the Foot of Old Jagged

At the Foot of Old Jagged
My latest book titled At the Foot of Old Jagged is a companion to my previous book “The Cape”. This new book is a compilation of a series of true stories (with a smidgen of fabrication) from airmen who put a year of their lives on hold to serve a tour in an unforgiving, frozen, tundra laden, treeless and forsaken remote part of Alaska.

Each of these stories are in their own words with a minimum of editing. The photos in “At the foot of Old Jagged” were contributed by these or other airmen. There are new stories and some stories are repeated from “The Cape” and some stories have a few changes. These stories are as they remember them.

I hope you will read and enjoy my new book, “At the Foot of Old Jagged”.

H. Floyd “Buck” Vanderford