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Military Adventures or Airman on the Run

Author: H.Floyd "Buck"Vanderford
Published: 2012
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Military Adventures or Airman on the Run

Military Adventures or Airman on the Run
When I stumbled upon a website while surfing on my computer that was a subject about military bases and their main gates, it gave me an idea for a book. I wanted to find a picture of each base that I had either been stationed at or visited for some reason. I discovered that, in my 22 years with the Armed Forces, I had visited some 35 installations. I then set about finding pictures of each one. With the picture as a reminder I wrote a short story and a few anecdotes about my connection with the base. At some of the bases I spent a very short time, some I was just visiting friends, while others I was there a year or more.

I hope some of these pictures and/or stories will be a reminder for others if they see a picture of an installation where they may have been. It has its beginning at Fort Jackson, South Carolina and ends with my retirement from active duty at Kelly AFB, Texas.

We had ten different Permanent Change of Stations (PCS) in the twenty years with the U.S. Air Force; thus “Airman
on the Run”.

I hope you read and enjoy my new book, “Military Adventures or Airman on the Run”.

H. Floyd “Buck” Vanderford