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Lockhart - A Ghost Town

Author: H.Floyd "Buck"Vanderford
Published: 2011
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Lockhart - A Ghost Town

Lockhart - A Ghost Town
One may ask: Why call this a ghost town? There is an easy explanation in that the town had a population of about 2,500, give or take a few, at the time this story is taking place. Today the population is approximately 617. The mill, which was the heart of the town, has been closed and the structure has been torn down and the rubble removed.

Lockhart fell in disarray, to a point, because the economic activity that supported it failed. Most of the folk still abiding in Lockhart have obtained jobs in surrounding towns and commute to their place of employment. There is still a lot of pride among the people remaining in Lockhart and they remember how it used to be. If you have ever lived in Lockhart you are aware of which I speak. Though the author of this piece has been gone from Lockhart since the year 1952, pride has not abandoned.

As you look at the pictures herein, imagine them the way they were in your day and time. Maybe some readers of this book will not be from Lockhart. Maybe they have never heard of Lockhart but maybe your hometown will have had some of the same “attractions” as Lockhart had. Even if you have never been there this book is, at least, a history lesson.

Although the mill was the center of the town the school was the second most attraction and most of the folks supported all activities of the school. When one wasn’t working at the mill they centered their attention with the school and its activities.

I hope you read and enjoy my book, “Lockhart - A Ghost Town”. In it, I have tried to include as much historic information and photos provided by many friends and family members from Lockhart. Also, I am very delighted to have had the opportunity to include the "Foreword by Colonel Richard Denton".

H. Floyd “Buck” Vanderford