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Joe Clueless

Author: H.Floyd "Buck"Vanderford
Published: 2007
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The Fantasy World of Joe Clueless

The Fantasy World of Joe Clueless
This book is a "new" kind of autobiography. It is mostly fact with a bit of fiction written in. Therefore I am calling it “fac-tion”.

This story is built on long ago dreams but changes from time to time into fantasy. This is the Fantasy world of Joe Clueless. Joe Clueless, the hero of this story, is about 6 years old when it begins and about 74 years young when it ends. For Joe Clueless, every year in the latter part of February, this young man’s fantasies always turned to baseball.

When one hears the crack of a bat against a baseball and the umpire yelling “play ball”, young men and old alike perk up, and no matter what their age may be, they all seem to revert back to their younger days, to a time when it meant the start of major league spring training. I have been reminded year after year of this wonderful time and have decided to put my dreams and fantasies on paper.

The pictures that appear in this book are altogether real, but some may perceive them as fantasy. As you read just remember the new phrase, “fac-tion”.