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The Daddy I Knew

Author: H.Floyd "Buck"Vanderford
Published: 2009
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The Daddy I Knew

The Daddy I Knew
I chose the title, “The Daddy I Knew” for this story in which I try and relate the feelings my siblings and I had for our Daddy and the relationships we bonded while in his care.

I try to depict him as not just the head of the family but as a friend and as a mentor of which he was that and more. He wasn’t a well educated man but was wise in the ways it took to raise his family and to demand their respect. He was frugal with what little resources he had, as he was raising seven children during very hard times.

Our Daddy wasn’t one that had to ask for love, because love for the man came through the respect we had for him. I can still see that Silver Haired Daddy of ours as he sat at the head of the table at meal time.

Accompany me through the pages of this story, first through the genesis of our forefathers from Dermont Flanders, to New York, to Maryland, to Tennessee, to North Carolina and finally to South Carolina. That’s a lot of territory to cover but I felt it was needed to adequately tell the story.