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Lockhart - A Ghost Town

This book is about the small town of Lockhart, South Carolina. The population was about 2500, when I lived there and is now approximately 617. There is still a lot of pride among the people remaining in Lockhart and they remember how it used to be.

Although I, the author of this piece, have been gone from Lockhart since the year 1952, pride for me, has also not abandoned.

Lockhart - A Ghost TOwn

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Buck’s Story

Floyd Vanderford - US Air Force
H. Floyd “Buck” Vanderford was born in Lockhart, South Carolina, on January 22nd, 1934. It was a small town then and an even smaller town now. Lockhart is situated on the banks of the Broad River and was a predominately Textile town with two mills and a power company, each of which were the primary places of employment for the citizens of the town.

Haskell Floyd “Buck” Vanderford finished high school in 1952 and then enlisted in the U.S. Air Force where he served for the next 22 years until retirement as a Master Sergeant. Buck, as he is known by most of his close friends, met and married the late Joanne Carol Ozment while on assignment in San Antonio, Texas. He and Joanne eventually parented three daughters and are grandparents to six. After 46 years of marriage, Joanne's untimely death from the ravages of Multiple Sclerosis left Buck in a quandary to what his desires would be for his life from that point forward.

Floyd and Sandra Vanderford
Buck moved from San Antonio to the small town of Alvin, Texas which is a short distance from Houston. There he met and married Sandra Jo Wells and they continue to reside in Alvin. Buck was destined to marry a Texan as his late wife and Sandra are both native Texans.

As a means of therapy, Buck took up writing and has produced three books of poetry as well as three other books; a memoir, a novel and a family memoir. Now a “calloused” old man of 81, Buck Vanderford has decided to put his imagination to work and embark upon a journey of words focused on an imaginary cowboy called “Stringbean”.

Though writing is relatively new to Buck, it has become, besides baseball, his favorite pastime. H. Floyd “Buck” Vanderford's philosophy can best be summed up in the following quote:

“The secret of happiness is not doing what one likes, but liking what one does.”